Have you ever wondered what actors eat or how they stay in shape to look good on screen? We caught up with Venezuelan actress Paula Velasquez to chat about her favorite foods, staying fit and healthy, and how she keeps her skin glowing.  

Welcome to Entertainment Paper! We have seen so much of you looking so glamorous on Hollywood red carpets. How important is it to you, that you stay in shape? 

Hello! Thank you so much! Staying in shape is very important to me, I go hiking every day and it is not only for the purpose of looking good, but also to feel good about my body and who I am. I believe it is linked with mental health as well, working out makes me feel in a better place mentally and physically. It clears up your mind and puts you in a better state and as actors it is so important to be clear minded in order to embody somebody else.

You are such a positive role model. Run us through your typical day?

Thank you so much! My family has always been very helpful with having a positive mindset about life and I think it is key in order to make it where you want to be. My typical day is waking up around 8am and listening to my meditation of the day and that helps me already to get in a good head space to start the day. After, I drink my protein shake and get ready to go hiking. Once I am at the top of the hike I journal and write positive affirmations or write what I am grateful for today, so it makes me see life and the day through a better lens. After my hike, I usually go home and cook a meal while I listen to a podcast. After I eat, I start working on the auditions that I have for the week and if I have to shoot, I’ll shoot them, I work on them for about 2 hours and then I write about them so I can get into character more. After I work on castings or auditions, if I don’t have any meetings I will go to a cafe and work on some scripts that I am writing, then sometimes I meet up with some of my closest friends who are artists as well and I usually go to bed around eleven to start my day off right the next day.

If you feel like you need an energy boost, what’s your go-to?

I go to a park or a hike. Nature has such a strong energy that when you connect with it is transfer to you. It is very powerful. It is either nature or dancing.

If you make a smoothie what would go into it?

Definitely a citrus one! I love mixing bananas, berries, and orange juice! It makes my day so refreshing.

Do you have a skincare routine?

I do, I usually take fifteen minutes of my night before I go to bed in order to have that “spa – me time” in the bathroom washing my face. I put moisturizer and then wash it with water and after I just put some eye patches for my eye bags and that is pretty much it, it calms me down so I can sleep better.   

We read that you hike everyday… is that your preferred outdoor activity?

Yes! I love hiking a lot because it brings me a lot of peace and it keeps me grounded. Being on top of the mountain by yourself helps me a lot to analyze myself and feel more grateful towards life. I also love sports, like soccer and basketball, those are also some favorite activities that I do outside.

Do you have any food cravings, if so, what is it?

I am always craving a good pasta, Arrabiata pasta specifically. I love Italian food so much, I went to Italy with my family when I was seventeen and ever since I tried their food, I crave Italian food every single day. A good spicy Arrabiata pasta is all I need.

We love seeing your outfits on red carpets. Do you have a favorite designer?

Thank you so much! I love playing with different styles, it is such a beautiful way to express yourself!  I love Chet lo because he works with such unique and interesting material that makes his outfits just be very authentic.

How can people find and follow your journey?

People can follow me on 


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