From owning one of the highest profile barbershops in New York, to bringing the high-demand future of hairline saving to the heart of Manhattan – Erik Roberto’s achievements are impressive.

Erik, a native of San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic, left his home city 17 years ago for New York. It is here he has set up shop with his very own barbershop, one that is said to be the best in the city! That is no mean feat for such a big, and busy, city as New York!

Erik’s barbershop is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of haircuts of all sorts of shapes and sizes, serving customers from all walks of life. Many people flock to his barber shop knowing how good his skills are. And these are skills that have not gone unnoticed, either. Roberto has won first place in a range of prestigious barber competitions that include the CT Barber Expo.

A crowning achievement of Erik is that he became the first barber in the world to venture into performing Scalp Micropigmentation (SHP). If you are unaware, this is a procedure that aims to recreate the hair follicle in areas where the hair is not growing very much or has stopped entirely. SHP may be used to treat baldness, alopecia or scars. Erik takes great pride in being able to make a difference to his customers’ lives, as he says: ‘It is a great pleasure to be able to please our clients, meet their needs and at the same time suggest what works best for them. That has been our success in the
American public, knowing how to handle all types of scalp.’

To be found in Manhattan NY, there is a clinic called Gerow Hair Ink, a clinic which was co-founded by Erik Roberto himself. Many famous names have been known to populate this particular clinic, with the brand a well-renowned one. The hair transformations that have taken place here are recognised for their high quality in countries such as the UK, Poland and the US.

Erik has also won first place in the Hair Battle Tour, which took place in Boston, as well as the Barber Shop Connect, taking place in New York. These are two prestigious and highly regarded competitions that are a good testament to the man’s skills and hard work. Hairdressing is a creative and interesting medium, but it is also a very competitive one, so it is great to see someone holding their own and walking away with so many impressive achievements.

If you would like to find out more about Erik Roberto, and perhaps follow him online, take a look at his Instagram page, listed below. SMP looks set to have an exciting future, and with highly skilled individuals such as Erik, it will be interesting to see how the procedure will be used in the future and the possible evolutions that may take place.
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