When Coronavirus landed on the shores of Australia, it caused a handful of problems for every Australian, even the every day influencer. Lachlan Delchau-Jones and Taylor Reilly saw the problem and jumped on the cause to save Influencers livelihoods.

Brayden Dunbar, 22, is an Instagram fitness influencer to his 200,000+ loyal followers. Mr Dunbar has established deals with international brands which create another income stream for him. However like Mr Dunbar & every other influencer quickly realised COVID-19 was going to put a pause to these every day brand deals.

“Overnight brands where pulling out of deals, stopped offering payments and sending out free items, it was too much of an expense with the shortage of business everyone was getting at the time” said Mr Delchau-Jones

“Marketing was the first expense cut or minimised by every business” added Mr Reilly.

Mr Delchau-Jones added “In a matter of a few days, influencers that relied on brand deals from other companies as a main income stream, where jobless overnight”

Taylor and Lachlan quickly saw a large problem and hole in the market. Influencers had a platform, followers and drive but no one paying them for there influence.

“The day after all the dots added up to us, We had reached out to a handful of influencers here in Brisbane, Australia, expressing how we can be of assistance of them” said Mr Reilly.

“Our objective was simple” said Mr Delchau-Jones

“We wanted to create a product or service that the influencer could sell to their audience. Our criteria was simple, The influencer had to be passionate about the product or service and the product or service had to resonate with their audience”.

Mr Reilly added “We are building businesses with these influencers that they can own and operate on the daily.

Mr Dunbar has been working with the dynamic duo for the last 4 months. He said “We have been working really hard together, its been really fun”

Mr Reilly added “When we collaborate with influencers, we thoroughly enjoy it. They have a large platform and drive in a seperate niche”

“if we can create a business for every influencer to call their own, we are on the right track” said Mr Delchau-Jones

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