What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made professionally?

I’ve made at least 3 $1M+ mistakes in the last six year, and even though they were all different circumstances, I think the same key components contributed to all of them.

1. Always make sure you have contracts, no matter how close you are to the person. Expect things to go bad, but hope they’ll go well. Mitigate risk wherever possible when it comes to contracts.

2. Never cede control of your audience to someone else unless you know for sure you can provide the fulfillment on the backend and immediately fill the gap if needed. If you can’t, you’ll damage the trust you’ve built with your audience. With affiliate marketing, trust is everything. You can’t afford to lose it.

How do you stay motivated?         

Latin social dancing is a big mood enhancer for me. As long as I can host my events, DJ and go dancing a couple times a week, I can handle anything. The COVID-19 lockdowns were definitely challenging to my mental health because of that.

The other outlet for me was working out, but with the gyms closed that has also been difficult. I had to learn to accept a few “off” days and not try to force it. I work best when I get into a flow state so I will take a walk, read a little, go play with my kids and then come back ready to give work my all. So I don’t “stay” motivated. I just set the conditions to my best work when I feel like working, and when I don’t, I don’t pressure myself into it.

Who are your biggest professional influences and why?          

In the online marketing space, Mark Hoverson, Kameron George, Russell Brunson, and Balazs Kardos. These marketers have taught me many principles that continue to help me as various tactics change.

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