What are some of the biggest sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are today?

I had to sacrifice what everyone else thought of me. Telling my parents that I was dropping out of college to become an entrepreneur was tough. I had to give up my college friends, my fraternity, and time with my family. And I had to navigate the judgement that comes with making a decision like that. Truly, I had to sacrifice my old life and my old self. I had to reinvent myself from scratch.

What surprised you most about getting to where you are today?

Your mindset matters way more than you think it does. If you improve your mindset, you improve everything around you, including your business. I’ve also learned that the more people you help, the more income you bring in. The key to running a successful business is to make sure you’re solving problems for people. If you have the solution they need, they’ll always come back to you.

What motto do you live by?

It has to be a win-win or it’s not sustainable. My mentor said that to me when I started out. I was trying to figure out how to grow my business, and he taught me that it’s all about balance. There are two sides to everything. If you can strike a balance between the needs of all involved, you can succeed in almost anything.

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