Facebook is not only the most popular social network in the world but also a platform with huge trading potential. Successful business people and world-famous companies are constantly promoting their products and services on Facebook, increasing their profits and popularity. But despite the great opportunities that Facebook gives, they can be missed if you make the same mistakes. We will tell you about them.

Pay no attention to design

No matter how interesting your post is or how strong your persuasion skills are, you will still lose a lot of potential customers if your post is not stylishly designed. Luckily, you don’t need to have design skills to do this — you can always use the free Facebook post templates from VistaCreate. Colorful posts will attract the attention of many users, and many more people will be interested in your products and services.

Write a lot of text

Keep your posts short and simple. The purpose of the publication is to follow the link, like, comment on, pay attention to your product. Why should a subscriber read a lot of text? Spare their time and learn how to make your thoughts brief. Eloquence and graphomania are completely different concepts.

Add multiple links in one post

Every post has a purpose. So, don’t clutter it up with multiple links, thereby encouraging subscribers to take different actions. They simply won’t understand what they want from them, what needs to be done, and where to go. Readers won’t get the necessary information and will leave your page instead of following the links. That’s why every post should briefly communicate clear information and encourage action.

Ignore negative comments

In addition to publishing posts, reply to all comments that contain suggestions, questions, or negative feedback. Otherwise, followers will realize that you are not interested in them, or they will even decide that the commentator is right and that you simply have nothing to respond to their objections. It is necessary to immediately process negative comments, to provide arguments. Don’t wait for an angry client to keep posting negative comments.

To avoid causing even more negativity from dissatisfied customers, follow these simple rules:

  • avoid formal and dry phrases — an angry subscriber won’t like it if you respond in the style of a corporate statement, so be “more human”;
  • don’t argue with clients — it is better to calmly sort out the situation and help them, or even better — provide a discount or bonus as an apology;
  • don’t take negative comments as a personal insult — you need to learn to see them as an opportunity for development.

Don’t forget to respond to positive comments as well, showing the audience that they are people first and foremost, not walking wallets.

Use long URLs

Lots of obscure words, signs, and letters will not only spoil the appearance of your publication but also scare your potential customers who might be interested in your services. This can be especially noticeable for inexperienced PC users who won’t follow a long link for fear of catching malware.

If the URL your potential client should go to is long enough, use special online services that shorten links. Many of them are in the public domain and are absolutely free.

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