Stars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Chiranjeevi, and Rajinikanth have dominated conversations for many years in the Indian film industry.

A superstar who delivered an incredible 25 hits in a single year accomplished an unmatched feat, while many actors stay in the spotlight by working on one or two movies a year.

One of the wealthiest and highest-paid actors in the region, Mohanlal started his acting career at the age of 18, and he has since become the current megastar of the South Indian industry.

Mohanlal has made a lasting impression on the Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi film industries with his immense fan base and filmography, which includes more than 400 films.

In Ram Gopal Varma’s 2002 film “Company,” Mohanlal made his Bollywood debut acting as a police officer and competing fiercely with actors like Vivek Oberoi and Ajay Devgn. He won over fans with his portrayal.

His reputation as a megastar has been cemented by his outstanding performances in movies like “Jailer,” “Dasharatham,” “Boeing Boeing,” “Bro Daddy,” “Thoovanathumbikal,” and “Nadodikattu”.

Mohanlal broke through with an incredible record in 1986. A record-breaking 25 of the 34 films that were released that year went on to become box office successes, breaking the previous record for the most hit films featuring a lead actor in a single year.

With a fee that varies from Rs 8 crore to Rs 17 crore per film, depending on his role, Mohanlal is the highest paid actor in the Malayalam industry.

An estimated net worth of Rs 376 crore, he is considered one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

As a testament to Mohanlal’s lasting cinematic legacy, his incredible career serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring actors.

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