He has been planning to diversify his business into yet another sector in the UK – the F&B space.

Among the many things that have turned people’s heads and grabbed their attention, the rise and emergence of certain young professionals and entrepreneurs have made the most headlines. There are so many individuals in this world, who rather than being only dreamers, choose to become action-takers by going under the grind, learning from their mistakes and becoming their better versions each day. To build a single business is something many have done, but a few have pushed boundaries by building and growing multiple firms and investing in others to create their unique mark in the vast and ever-evolving business world. Serving as one of the finest examples of such entrepreneurs is Akshay Aggarwal, who today leaves no stone unturned to turn all his dreams into a reality and emerge as an inspiring success story for the world to look up to.

Akshay Aggarwal has risen to the top in the entrepreneurial space not just as any other young businessman, but as a multi-talented multipreneur, whose astute business acumen and understanding have helped him question norms in the business world, made him a risk-taker and helped him hone his skills to ultimately turn into a versatile professional across sectors. After doing exceedingly well in India, taking care of his family business with his businessman father, Mr Anil Parkash Aggarwal, Akshay Aggarwal is all set to take the business space of the UK by storm by stepping feet into the F&B realm.

Previous studies have already said that the food business in the UK stands as one of the largest manufacturing sectors and employs 4 million people, generating more than 120 billion euros annually. Akshay Aggarwal, who has already proved his mettle in other sectors like education, oil and gas pipelines, NBFC, distillery and entertainment, believes that the F&B sector also needs to be grown keeping in mind the “innovation factor” and, most importantly, centring around the business model of QSR (quick-service restaurant), where the main focus in on serving the best quality of food and the best customer services.

Noticing how the United Kingdom’s business industries consistently grew, including the F&B business sector, Akshay Aggarwal decided to place his bets in the same, almost finalizing a restaurant. However, he is also looking for many other outlets where he can fulfil his goals in the sector and is doing all of this under his company “Yellow Ant Hospitality” with his cousin Anant.

At 30 years, Akshay Aggarwal serves as an inspirational success story for youngsters specially to take inspiration from.

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