Why work under a boss when you can be your own boss? While many people secure their future by taking up jobs, few people venture into businesses. Benjamin Herzog is one such entrepreneur who never thought of working under somebody. The young talented mind always wanted to develop something of his own. A true risk-taker with a sharp business mind, Benjamin believes to never settle for less and his ability to strive for excellence in his work makes him one of the most successful entrepreneurs today.

The 23-year old entrepreneur was born in Klagenfurt, Austria and is currently based in Europe. Rightly known as the youngest startup millionaire, he has also made his name as one of the youngest entrepreneurs under 25 in Austria. Right after learning graphic designing for 6 months, he joined the foundation of Tea Time, a well-known startup where he gained his first experience in entrepreneurship. Since then, he has ventured into several businesses and has groomed himself as an entrepreneur. In January 2018, he invested in Avintex GmbH, the second-largest cloud mining providers in Austria. His second major project was with Viva Payment Solutions in August 2018.

In October 2018, he built PhoneX Pay, which is now known by the name Transfera. Last year in August 2019, Herzog established EXW Wallet and in 2020 he plans to get into real estate. “You cannot depend on only one business. You need to have investments in different businesses. To become a successful entrepreneur, you must have a higher risk-taking capability. I understand the market and make my investments accordingly”, stated Benjamin. The young entrepreneur besides this will also launch his fashion brand ‘Understatement’ this year. With jumping from one business to another, Benjamin Herzog rightly proves why he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

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