Brave browsers have shaken the floor of the internet. The brave software along with its many mind-boggling features has introduced the concept of making money from the browser. This concept has definitely given rise to many doubts and has inflicted many debates among the tech enthusiasts but is this going to be meaningful? Well, what’s the haste as our whole article is about it.

You also must have pondered upon this concept of brave and have raised many speculations. Now, you don’t have to look into the matter more as we will gradually untangle the tangled details hiding behind a brave browser and will answer the one basic question that how is this even possible?

Brave has earned the reputation by successfully winning the security and privacy-related challenges and by launching the unique and thoughtful idea of brave rewards. Surfing the websites on the brave browser will get you paid. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can earn just by browsing your favorite websites. Question is how it really happens?

If you open any website on the brave browser then you can easily notice that your internet surfing will not be interrupted by those vexatious ads. This key point of the brave is the foundation of its money-earning program. The choice of seeing the privacy-respecting ads will generate 70% of the revenue web publishers earning in your pocket. In the brave browser download, the browser is the center of attention in the advertising experience. The advertisement networks will not pay money to the web publishers directly; instead, they will pay to the browser. That money will then be divided into three parts. One part will be sent to the users, one part will be transferred to the web publishers and in the end, and the brave browser will cut a slack from it.

Users get paid in the form of a brave’s own cryptocurrency called basic attention tokens (BAT) for viewing the privacy-respecting ads. Right now this digital currency can only be used to “tip” your favorite websites but founders aim to partner Brave with the digital currency exchangers in the near future. Apart from earning these basic attention tokens, you can also show your inclination towards your favorite web pages by buying these attention tokens and supporting your websites.

This side of the story was more focused on the user but if you are a publisher then brave has much more to offer. Any website publisher can earn 55% more profit by using the brave browser. If any qualified user surfs your website then BAT tokens will be transferred automatically in your account. It really seems fun to earn money without even doing anything.

Although brave is in its early stages but still, it has offered and contributed much in the browser industry. Brave is working on the mantra of giving back to society and getting succeeded at an impeccable pace. We should take a little chance to this amateur yet mature browser with the hopes of getting more enhanced and unmatchable features. You can download brave browser for windows 10 to enjoy best web experience.

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