Next up for Tollywood actor Gopichand is the action film Bhimaa. There is also a fresh update from the movie. The cop action drama’s makers have announced that tomorrow, February 24, will see the release of the trailer. Gopichand also released a fiery poster announcing this news, featuring him against a background with a mystical theme. With the caption, “Get Ready for a Cinematic Visual Extravaganza…(sic),” he posted the image. On March 8, the movie is scheduled to open in theaters.

Gopichand, who is well-known for his roles in action movies, appeared handsome in his police uniform in a previous poster. In front of a flaming background, the actor can be seen walking elegantly while carrying handcuffs. In general, the poster makes us think of corny masala movies with formulaic plots. Gopichand has assured fans that the action-packed show will feature him in a previously unseen avatar. How much of this is true will only become clear with time.

Is Bhimaa Going to Give Gopichand’s Flagging Career new Prospects?

Gopichand last appeared in the critically panned film Ramabanam, directed by Sriwass. A Harsha, who is directing Bhimaa in Telugu for the first time, has helmed several successful Kannada films in the past. Shivarajkumar played the lead in his final Kannada film, Vedha, which was a commercial hit. He also directed Yash in the 2013 movie Raja Huli and is the brains behind the other popular movie, Bhajarangi, which also stars Shivarajkumar. Because of this, Gopichand is now more confident that Harsha can help him make a significant comeback with the actioner Bhimaa.

In addition to Gopichand, the leading ladies in Bhimaa are Malvika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar. Ramana Vanka served as the production designer, Kiran as the editor, and Swamy J. Gowda as the cinematographer. Ajju Mahankali wrote the film’s dialogue, while Venkat, Ram-Lakshman, and Dr. Ravi Varma choreographed the stunt scenes.

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