Tribe Mafia, a hip-hop duo based in Austin, Texas. Chinasa Broxton and Carlos “Dashawn Daniels” Moore are taking over Texas music scene and we love it! In 2021, Tribe Mafia spent the year putting together their most anticipated debut album ‘It’s a Tribe Ting,” an explorative attempt which has now amassed over 3 million streams, on just the three singles alone “Like Cola” “Hurt” and “Testify.” Touring all over the world and becoming far more poised as a duo. Alchemizing dancehall, hip-hop, Pop, and alternative influences, Tribe Mafia’s fusion of Afro beats production and intimate songwriting makes for an remarkable introduction for these two Texas natives.

Above all, listening to Tribe Mafia feels rejuvenating. Uplifting musings navigate love, loss, partying and spiraling emotions. The two buds influence from artists such as Micheal Jackson, Burna Boy, Don Toliver and Lil Wayne. Tribe Mafia channels their own experiences directly into their music. Maturing and dealing with emotions from new methods birthed their new sounding discography and has since become more positive and universal into their own cohesive sound.

“2021 was possibly the greatest year of our lives,” they explained. “With Kris Keyz, Jess T. Johnston, Zulia Barrios, Mr. Rey, Samuel Davis, Damon Scott Miller, Jr., Justin Hights, Pat G, Moana Tela, and Dwayne Luster our team is easily a powerhouse of talented creatives. We definitely need to live in Brazil one day, we really liked it there when we played there on tour with Akon.’’ Preparing to begin a fresh chapter in 2022, Tribe Mafia has been finishing the visuals on for their upcoming album called “It’s A Tribe Ting” and “WAMPUM” that they are excited to release. Ready for the next phase, they plan to move to get continue traveling the country to continue to develop their project sound. Check out Tribe Mafia’s latest visuals they premiered thus far via Youtube. 

Tribe Mafia – Hurt (Ft. Rora Wilde) [Official Music Video]

Directed By Jess T. Johnston 

Tribe Mafia – Testify (Ft. Sam Sage & Hitta Castro) [Official Music Video]

Directed by Eric Sattler

Tribe Mafia – Tempted To Touch (NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2022) Ft. Moana Tela – Live

Directed by Jess T. Johnston

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