Mohammad al-Tayyib Obaid, his fame is Mohammed al-Kinani Sudanese writer, composer and singer, born in Khartoum in October 1990.

He has many special songs and various cultural participations in Sudan and abroad. He participated in a group of collective works with different artists. He held a number of private, public and mass concerts. He was known to youth circles. He was famous for presenting his own style in Arabic and Sudanese music in particular, he was able to mix different rhythms and musical layers, he has more than 40 special songs, a number of clips, and a number of radio and television interviews as well. A group of external parties for the Sudanese communities and sung in classical Arabic by the most famous Arab poets.

Al-Kinani is considered one of the influential and active youth in the community, through his active participation in many activities in the orphanage and the home for the elderly, as well as activities related to children and caring for children with cancer. His journey of participation and support with cancer children in its various branches began in Khartoum from 2011 and he also participated in today’s celebrations. In the year 2015, the International Cancer Society in Khartoum, presented a number of new talents in the fields of writing, composing, arranging music and singing as well.

He also performed many songs on different occasions and on different issues.

Sings for peace, sings for love, renounces racism, sings for mother.

He aspires to enter the field of television and drama

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