At 27 years, Bramha has created magic with music, capitalizing on his ideas from Indian old folk rhythms and sounds.

There are innumerable success stories that have come to the forefront, which in ways more than one have ignited the fire within many other budding talents in the world to do more and be better at what they choose to do in their lives and careers. Some of the best success stories have come from the music industry of the world, especially India, which has been known to have a rich music culture and heritage in India for hundreds of years. Serving as one of the best examples of such success stories as a youngster is Bramha, aka Lokesh Latta, from Merta City, Nagaur, Rajasthan, India.

“There is nothing in this world that can’t be achieved. Yes, it may take years for some, but with patience and persistence, anything and everything can get attainable and achievable,” says Bramha, who did the same and took immense inspiration from Indian old folk rhythms and sounds, which helped him become the DJ and Music Producer he is today from Rajasthan. However, he also points out that to further better his craft in music, he kept adding inspiration to his beats and other genres and created his unique style with Indian folk beats and ethnic sounds mixed with an urban vibe.

Bramha’s most satisfying moment in his life came with the release of his debut commercial single titled “Banne Re”, which attained humungous appreciation and success. This song was in collaboration with Project 91 and Mitika, a trap song with old folk blended effortlessly on beats and bass with an ethnic touch. Soon, Bramha came up with two other songs, namely “Hairat” EP and psytrance and a mixture of Indian vocals on progressive psy and “Oji Rey” with Chitralekha, a trap song with mild ethnic vibes on high pitch vocals. There is also an unreleased song of his titled “Dooriyan” with Derawat and Radhny, again a trap but a romantic lyrical on ethnic lead with high power bass and kick.

Bramha’s constant quest to keep experimenting with folk music and bass is one reason for his meteoric rise in the already competitive industry. His hunger to continuously create something new in music to help people vibe along and connect has thrust him forward outstandingly into the industry. As a DJ and Music Producer, Bramha is working around many more projects and can’t wait to serve the same to the audiences.

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