The pioneer of unbreakable watches, G-SHOCK India, is pleased to announce that renowned actor Vicky Kaushal will serve as its brand ambassador.

Through this legendary collaboration, G-SHOCK’s four-decade legacy of creating durable, fashion-forward timepieces is united with Vicky Kaushal’s captivating demeanor and toughness, which encompasses both mental and physical fortitude.

G-SHOCK is a well-known lifestyle watch brand with a four-decade history that was created using cutting-edge Japanese technology. Throughout that time, the brand has set an unbeatable standard for reliability, creativity, and iconic designs in the watchmaking industry.

This incredible journey was propelled by the unwavering pursuit of shock resistance as its central concept, showcasing flawless accuracy, cutting-edge design, and stylish appeal for the young audiences that are always changing.

Vicky Kaushal connects the hearts of both mainstream audiences and movie enthusiasts with his illustrious career that spans both commercial blockbusters and poignant cinema.

His distinct combination of traits, which include being bold, self-assured, and stylish yet also having a high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy, perfectly complements G-SHOCK’s “Absolute Toughness” philosophy.

He was the ideal choice for G-SHOCK because of his go-getter mentality, which is typified by an unwavering dedication to high performance and a spirit of never giving up.

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