His passion & commitment is what made Todd & his partner’s company “PupSocks” a gigantic success.

An aspiring individual when he gets his sight on his goals determinedly, there is probably nothing that an individual can’t achieve. Life opens the door of opportunities to individuals who search for them in the first place. And, when life places an opportunity in front of them, they know what they can do with it for building their career & future. Todd Stephenson, an American from Naples, Florida did the same when he & his partner got the chance to change their business & turn it into a lucrative one.

“PupSocks” is a growing firm that sells spectacular & artistic socks with images of pet faces. This idea of Todd & his partner hit the right chords with their target audience & in no time, they emerged as one of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs of the United States. The company which is located in Atlanta has today become a family of more than 200 designers, production enthusiasts & customer service representatives; such has been the expansion of their business.

Both Todd & his partner had started their entrepreneurial careers by running bakeries all around Florida, but the urge to do something more & better in life made both of them reach the conclusion of starting an e-commerce business. In the beginning, they started by launching hundreds of e-commerce stores that sold camping gear & stuffed bears to learn which product can gain more traction. This led them to realize that it was the custom product industry that can prove to be more profitable in the coming years. After launching a bunch of custom made products, socks were the only thing that gained maximum traction.

With gaining popularity of their business, Todd & his partner also thought of giving it back to communities that work for pets & this made them associate with Ahimsa House & the Humane Society. Both these entrepreneurs have made substantial contributions to these NGOs that work tirelessly for the welfare of pets & humans.

Todd’s greatest fear is becoming complacent; he doesn’t believe in getting comfortable in business because that’s where one stops growing, believes Todd. To all the youngsters as well, Todd advises them to keep moving ahead with their heads held high as businesses can make them experience the highest highs & the lowest lows, but one must never give up. He also advises them to engage in anything that benefits & enhances mental health as this improves an individual’s performance.

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