Create Shareable Content

Speaking of content, you do not really want to create some irregular content that you care about.

If you want more followers from goread and more human beings to find you, you need to create shared content.

Create content that people will find value in and want to share.

It needs to be posted in order to have as many eyes as possible on the stuff. Shareable content travels easily across the Internet as viewers link to a subject, concept, or story and click to share it with their friends and followers.

If you want your content to be big enough to get full visibility from, go over this shareable content checklist and use these resources to make sure that all of your articles are ready to inspire readers to hit the share button.

Think of your target market and what they’re going to do for your page. What kind of interest you should show them. Build material that your fans are most interested in.

So how do you know what this is all about? Looking at your Instagram insights or other critical tools.

Pay attention to your feedback to see which posts get the most interaction (especially share and save!) and produce more related material.

Getting your posts shared is one of the best ways to get in front of more people and get new followers. When anyone shares one of your posts, their followers may see it, and they will visit your page and agree to follow you.

Be consistent with that

If the material is fantastic, but you only publish every two weeks, that’s not going to make it. People like to be in a routine, they want to follow someone they can still count on to see new things. Consistency is the secret to a successful follow-up. This also helps with the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram loves to post content when you show up and spend time on the app. The algorithm likes accuracy and honors it.

How was I supposed to post?

Well, there’s no “right” answer to that.

The fact is, it’s different for both of us.

Some people post several times a day, while others post 2 days a week.

Just try it out and see what works best for you.

Most notably, consider a routine that you can keep up with in the long run.

But what I’d say is to post AT LEAST once a week.

Using hashtags to get seen with Instagram

You think you should only add a few crazy hashtags to your captions and automatically get hundreds of shares and followers?

I’m sorry to break it with you, but that’s not the way things work.

You need to do some work to find the best possible hashtags for you. How do I mean by any of the best possible hashtags?

Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Here’s how you can find the following hashtags to use:

Go to the page and type the hashtag in your niche and click it, at the top of the page you’ll see some of the related hashtags you can use.

Or go to a profile of someone who posts similar content to you and see what hashtags they use.

Now that you’ve discovered a hashtag that you might use, you need to see how it works for you.

To do so, look at the top posts in the hashtag and see:

The sort of images at the top of the trend

How many want the recent stories

How many comments they have made

If you post similar content and the number of likes / comments you receive on your posts is similar to theirs, you’ve got a shot to be in the top posts.

This is the type of hashtag you should use.

Using hashtags where the tweets have a chance to be seen by the people of RIGHT.

That’s why I said I was searching for hashtags in your niche or hashtags that are connected to the content you post.

Create a library of hashtags

Create a hashtag library of all the hashtags you can use on your posts to make things faster and easier for you.

The best place to do this is in your Notepad app, so you can easily copy and paste it when you post a new photo.

One thing I need to point out is not to use the same hashtags over and over again. This might damage your account.

Change your hashtags as Instagram doesn’t like when you’re using the same on every picture.

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