What differentiates LucidFX from other forex trading courses?

There are many things that set us apart: the simplicity of my strategy, the consistency, the customer service. Our course packages also include other services, like weekly Q&A sessions.

What motivates you to keep going each day?

I have big goals. I want to impact billions of people, helping them to live better lives with better opportunities. Giving people access to the market and teaching them to trade is a great way to start. I also want to have the money to create scholarships or donate money to those who want to make things happen but just don’t have the resources to do so. All of these goals are what drive me to keep showing up every single day.

What do you like most about entrepreneurship?

I love the freedom of being my own boss. And I love the unlimited potential for capital. When you work a 9-to-5, you can only grow so far before you hit a salary cap. But as an entrepreneur, I can always keep reaching. 

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