Dharna and 2 Percent vale  by Abhi Brar is still on fire even after the farmer’s protest has ended peacefully. Both his songs have given a huge respect towards the protest . 

Abhijot Singh mainly known as  Abhi Brar is Malwa Based hip-hop artist born on 19th September 2002 ,from Moga, Punjab. He has released many  regular tracks and instrumentals but the most he loved for was these two songs “Dharna” and “2 Percent Vale” which was dedicated to the farmers protest against the 3 black laws which have now been withdrawn.

Abhi Brar, has emerged into the scene with his highly creative and thought-provoking melodies and his badass lyrics. He has also been running a youtube channel for unsupported and fresh talent.

Abbi Brar is still supporting the people who are being slowed by some wrong political activities on his social Media 

Here are his social media accounts




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