What does it take to make it in the modeling world in the US when coming from Russia? Determination, hard work, and commitment to the goal is the answer we got from Ellen Alexander, a Russian supermodel now residing in Los Angeles, USA. 

Ellen Alexander is more than a gorgeous model; she is also a talented singer, actress, and a business-savvy entrepreneur. Not a very common combination, it’s true! Let’s find out together how she managed to become one of the most-wanted models in the country!

How did you start modeling in the first place?

Ellen Alexander: I come from a family of scientists, and as a kid, I went to a lot of afterschool activities, including dancing, choir, and others. This is where a commercial director noticed me for the first time and invited me to do a photo shooting. I was like five years old. But I guess I was a model since I was born, in a way. My father is passionate about photography, and he was always taking pictures of me!

What was your first paid job in modeling?

Ellen Alexander: Because I was so young, I really don’t know if my parents got paid when I did my first commercials. I never asked; for me, it was a big deal, and I was very proud because it was a national commercial, everyone would get to see me, it was a lot to take in for someone so young. But I had lots of fun and learned a lot from each and every experience and project.

I know you moved from Russia to the UK and then to the US, was it hard to start over in each country?

Ellen Alexander: I don’t know if I’d call it hard, but I wouldn’t call it a piece of cake either! Things are very different here, compared to Russia. It’s a different set of values, a different world when it comes to modeling. In Russia, since I was a girl, there would be people stopping me on the streets of Moscow, asking if I want to do this project or the other if I want them to represent me. The US is very different, people are different, their working style is different, so it’s important to be able to adjust and adapt. And this is something I’m good at!

In your opinion, what do you need to succeed in the modeling business?

Ellen Alexander: Aside from talent, hard work, determination, and commitment? It’s very useful to have a good PR team and work with multiple agencies and managers. Choosing the people you work with carefully is important too; at least this was my experience. 

Who was your favorite client/ brand you worked with?

Ellen Alexander: I like doing magazine covers; this is my dream job in modeling. Especially if we’re talking about Vogue magazine! I don’t have a favorite client or brand; I’m easy to work with and very adaptable, so I can easily make things work, whatever the client might want. However, I did enjoy working with Guess. I like their designs too, and it was a great environment to get creative! It would be lovely to collaborate with them again in the future.

What project or brand would you like to work with in the future?

Ellen Alexander: I’m always looking for projects that challenge me, creative projects, working with interesting, passionate people – this is what I like now and what I hope to do in the future too. BCBG is a local brand that I’d like to work with. But generally speaking, I’m open to all sorts of projects and brands.

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