Distributing the movie “Hanuman” in the Nizam area, Mytri Sashi has released detailed data about the movie, including total ticket sales and gross receipts.

These are the specifics:

The film Hanuman

Duration: 14 days

Displays: 9027

2,528,983 people watched.

₹25,01,31,579.00 is the share.

Amount shared with GST: ₹29,51,55,263.00.

Total income: 48,62,29,176.00

This is noteworthy because it’s one of the first times in Telugu cinema history that a distributor in Tollywood has revealed such specific numbers.

It is significant that Rentrak carefully monitors these figures in the USA, promoting openness. Similar figures are shared openly and without any hidden elements, even in Bollywood.

On the other hand, this kind of transparency has not been common in the Telugu states. Producers typically make numbers available through their PROs, and many of them acknowledge that these figures are frequently manipulated in order to please their fan base and star heroes.

The heroes gain the most from this practice, as these exaggerated numbers bolster their subsequent film roles and higher compensation.

Fearing that if the real numbers are made public, producers might not get offers from the same hero in the future, producers frequently feel pressured to appease the heroes.

Distributors, who normally receive their profits last and are under no duty to accommodate the hero or their fan base, must take the initiative to counter this by disclosing precise figures across all parameters.

In addition, box office receipts should not be the only criterion used to determine a movie’s actual strength; other elements like the quantity of tickets sold should also be taken into account.

For example, ‘Pushpa’ attracted a larger crowd than ‘RRR,’ but the latter’s collections were higher because of a large increase in ticket prices.

Such circumstances relate to movies such as “Guntur Kaaram” and “Hanu Man,” where the former’s revenue was influenced by premium ticket prices.

To sum up, Distributor Sashi’s strategy creates a new standard and provides a way for all distributors to uncover the true potential of a movie at the box office. Against the grain of the film industry, this action gives distributors more power within the ecosystem.

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