“Take NO Elz” that’s the motto that Lexington Kentucky Rapper Elz Bentley lives by.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Elz, to get a little more knowledge about where the term WIN3rgy comes from.

No matter what you might be goin through at this present moment in your life we never focus on the losses or the hard times. WIN3rgy (WINergy) that’s the positive energy that all winners possess. It’s the resilient spirit that you must maintain to accomplish your dreams and your goals.

Losses become lessons when you don’t give up. Losses remain losses when you become discouraged and quit.
Had you not taken that loss and kept going you would have never experienced the 3 W’s that will come from that lesson.

Wake up and seize the day everyday, at any moment life as you know it could be gone. Never let yesterdays failure put a damper on todays WIN3rgy.

It’s 2023 it’s a brand new year, let last years losses be this years lessons. Go WIN the day!

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