Epiphany Monet is a rising singer-songwriter hailing from Southern California. Although she has been posting song covers and attending open mics for a long time, she is now ready to take the next step with her own creations. Growing up, her friends and family had been the main reason why Epiphany mustered up the courage to take up music. Her family has been one of the biggest supporters through the journey of discovering music and later on making her passion her profession. If we take a deeper look at her journey, we will see that indeed it was her brother who inspired Epiphany Monet to actually take up music. “I understood why my brother would spend hours and hours playing. I actually “stole” the guitar that I play now from my brother. He always jokes that he taught me everything I know. He may not have taught me all of the notes, but he did show me how to put everything I have into a song.”

As a person who likes to stay connected to others, it often takes a toll on Epiphany Monet when she finds herself alone. In times like this, music is her only companion and Epiphany Monet feels that that is something totally ok. Music has saved my life and these times of solitude have only brought her closer to her true purpose and passion. Inspired by legends such as Amy Winehouse, Daughter and Julien Baker, Epiphany Monet has also taken up music as a way to express herself and communicate her story to the outside world. This is why Epiphany Monet will release her first album titled “When I’m feeling lonely”, this summer, which encapsulates the journey through her recovery and how music has played a big role in it.

In her free time, Epiphany Monet likes to devote her attention to her pet dog Alaska and even considers herself to be a dog mum. Alaska has also been another constant in her life and Epiphany Monet considers him to truly be her best friend

We are excited about Epiphany Monet’s upcoming releases and wish her the best of luck for her future in the music industry. To know more about Epiphany Monet and see snippets of her life behind the stage, follow her on the links given below:

Instagram – https://instagram.com/epiphanymonet?utm_medium=copy_link

Website- https://epiphanymonet.com

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