An epoxy table is an unnatural yet amazingly natural blend of wood and glue or rein. Mixing glue with wood might not sound like a good idea, however, once furnished and made, the final product will be scenic and eccentric.

The trend of deploying epoxy tables in home décor is on the rise. There are countless mesmerizing videos all over social media that take us through the interesting process of creating beautiful epoxy tables. We don’t seem to get enough of these tables. So, why not get one for yourself?

There are a number of different types of epoxy tables depending on the material, design as well as use.

Add a new dimension to your room by adding a Transparent Epoxy Table

These epoxy tables make the use of a clear resin base and it gives an illusion of flowing water. The extra shine from the clear resin surface makes the table look even more beautiful and refreshing.

For making such a table, the following resins are used:

  • ArtResin Epoxy resin
  • Topcoat
  • ArtResin (low odor)

These resins make the best transparent Epoxy tables.

Coffee time made cozy with Epoxy Coffee Table

Epoxy coffee tables will be an extraordinary addition to your mundane furniture. The tables are handcrafted by the artisans individually and have a different feel to them.

These epoxy tables are made from a wide variety of woods which give them unique texture and color.

You can easily make an epoxy table by yourself or have it custom made from a vendor. Visit Northshire today for a surprise of a wide range of amazing designs to select from.

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