Recently, Shah Rukh Khan released the third teaser song for Dunki, his upcoming movie. One of the sultry songs on Dunki Drop 3 is called “Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se.” The most recent revelation has prompted comparisons to the emotional nuance present in SRK’s previous film, Swades. Fans are excited for the cinematic journey ahead of them because of the emotionally charged atmosphere.

Dunki Drop 3: The Song “Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se” from the Shah Rukh Khan film is released.

Dunki’s musical journey has taken a soulful turn with Sonu Nigam’s rendition of “Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se,” following the upbeat song “Lutt Putt Gaya.” The song, which explores the journey that Shah Rukh Khan’s character and his friends take in the movie, is receiving praise for its moving story.

According to the press release, “Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se” depicts the story of four friends and their journey to foreign lands, giving Dunki “another layer of emotion.” It examines the deep pain of longing for one’s native country, which resonates with people who have left their roots in search of a better future.

Many online users noticed that Shah Rukh Khan’s previous movie, Swades, had themes similar to this one. The movie, which came out in 2004, also explored the desperate attempt of a foreigner to maintain ties to their homeland. “‘Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se” is the best SRK song in decades, according to a user on X. Complete Swades “Mera vibes hai jo desh.”

Shah Rukh Khan revealed his strong bond with the song in a heartfelt social media post. He cried out, “Today I am sharing this song that came to my heart with you,” in Hindi at first. Just by name, Raju and Sonu feel like we know them. Additionally, this song that they both wrote is original to them.

“It’s about our family members,” he continued. It relates to our soil. It’s about finding comfort in our nation’s arms. Everybody occasionally leaves their hometown, village, or city to start a new life. However, our hearts are still in our rural homes. my preferred Dunki item.

Dunki, which is helmed by Rajkumar Hirani, will hit theaters on December 21, 2023.

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