Later this year, an exciting 3D version of the phenomenal blockbuster HanuMan, which broke box office records, will make a second appearance in theaters.

The film Hanuman, directed by Prashant Verma and starring Teja Sajja in the lead role, debuted on January 12 and quickly became the highest grossing Sankranti film ever. With collections surpassing 300 crores, it also cemented its position among Tollywood’s top 8 grossers.

The craze began a few days ago with rumors that a HanuMan 3D version would be released shortly. The Hanu-Man team did, however, formally announce that the 3D version will be out very soon during the movie’s successful US tour.

The 3D version will feature a few additional action blocks and an expanded appearance of Hanuman, the team has also confirmed.

One of the most memorable parts of the movie is Hanuman’s episode in the climax.

The film ought to entice viewers to return to theaters, as the producers have assured them of additional Hanuman appearances and action sequences.

How well will this 3D version do at the box office is the real question at hand.

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