The eagerly awaited second look poster for the highly anticipated Malayalam film Rachel, which stars Honey Rose in the title role, has been made public. Anandhini Bala is directing the movie for the first time, which gives the project an exciting extra dose of novelty and excitement.

In the alluring poster, Radhika Radhakrishnan and Honey Rose are shown sitting classily on a bed while being soaked by the downpour. This visual cue offers an insight into the potential emotional range and intensity of the story.

Following the completion of the shoot, “Honey Rose talked about how excited she was about her role as Rachel and how it differed from her other roles.” Recognized for her potent, performance-focused parts in movies such as Monster (2022), Kumbasaram (2015), and Trivandrum Lodge (2012), Honey Rose revealed that her role in Rachel exceeds all of her prior experiences.

She made it clear that she has a special place in her heart for Rachel because it gave her a unique experience, particularly working with Anandhini Bala, who directed her for the first time in her 18-year career.

The story and screenplay for the movie were written by Rahul Manappattu and Abrid Shine, respectively. Badusha NM is providing the financial backing for the project under the name Badusha Productions. It is noteworthy to mention that Abrid Shine is a co-producer of the movie.

Shaan Chhabra composed the soundtrack for Rachel, while Manoj was in charge of the editing. A visually spectacular experience is promised for the audience thanks to Swaroop Philip’s cinematography, which is crucial in encapsulating the essence of the story.

In addition to starring with Balakrishna in the Telugu film Veera Simha Reddy (2023), Honey Rose most recently starred in Shankar Ramakrishnan’s mystery thriller Rani: The Real Story (2023). For Malayalam movie buffs, Honey Rose’s film Rachel is highly anticipated as she appears to be embarking on a new chapter in her career by taking on a variety of roles and working with new artists.

As she presents a distinctive story and displays Honey Rose’s extraordinary talent in a role that is sure to be memorable and significant, Rachel is anticipated to be a fascinating addition to the Malayalam film industry.

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