Godzilla abruptly acting like a reptile in a specific scene in the Godzilla versus Kong trailer would bode well if the Mechagodzilla hypothesis is accepted.

The overarching hypothesis that Godzilla is really Mechagodzilla in mask would uphold Gojira out of nowhere acting like a reptile in Godzilla versus Kong, which conflicts with his present portrayal in the MonsterVerse.

Coming a very long time after its unique declaration and following a few deferrals, some because of the progressing pandemic, Adam Wingard’s Godzilla versus Kong is at last delivering in March 2021 and will show an epic rematch among Godzilla and Kong, with this film just being the second time they have ever battled on-screen.

Part of the main Godzilla versus Kong trailer was committed to prodding how their battles would go. There was one fight in the sea on top of a maritime boat, with Kong apparently improving of Godzilla for the greater part of the battle.

At that point toward the finish of the trailer, Godzilla and Kong battled indeed in the focal point of a neon-lit city. That specific duel included Godzilla utilizing his nuclear breath just for Kong to safeguard himself and square the nuclear breath, besides with a hatchet incompletely comprised of one of Godzilla’s dorsal plates.

While the subsequent battle appeared in the trailer has gotten watchers’ considerations, there’s a viewpoint from their first go head to head that brought up issues with Toho fans especially, why Godzilla gets on top of the maritime vessel like a reptile.

Since the time the 1998 Godzilla film delivered, there’s been a legend that Godzilla is a reptile, since he was portrayed as such in that film.

What’s more, since the 1998 film was, at that point, the lone American adaptation of Godzilla, that is the thing that numerous individuals accepted he should resemble. In any case, that was a long way from reality and Godzilla versus Kong can give an explanation behind his reptile like development.

All through his big screen history, Godzilla has been known as a dinosaur. Indeed, even in the MonsterVerse, he’s viewed as a dinosaur who endure eradication and lived for a huge number of years by retaining the Earth’s radiation.

In any case, for reasons unknown, he’s carrying on somewhat like a reptile in the Godzilla versus Kong trailer, which would bode well if the hypothesis that Mechagodzilla is disguising around as Godzilla is to be accepted.

All things considered, there would be a legitimate clarification for why Godzilla is acting so contrastingly he’s not really Godzilla.

Not exclusively is he acting like a reptile, yet Godzilla has additionally become a scalawag in Godzilla versus Kong, seeing as he’s assaulting people apparently unjustifiable. On the off chance that that Godzilla is simply Mechagodzilla, at that point the genuine Godzilla could appear later on and retaliate as a dinosaur.

For the time being, the scene in the sea is the just one wherein Godzilla is acting like a reptile, so it very well may be brief however it could likewise be an allude to something else.

All things considered, there’s no motivation to engender the legend that Godzilla is reptile after the 1998 film got reaction for doing exactly that, just as for some different reasons.

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