Every human being who lives on this planet wants to live happily, with a smile on their face. But fortune is not equally distributed. Thus, many people suffer from various problems. Maintaining physical and mental balance is a skill. If anyone loses his mental health, automatically, it will drive him to lose physical health too.

We all love to live with a happy face, not with a struggled face. But how many people live happily? So, if you can make a smile on their faces at least one time, you are a great person who was born with god’s blessings.

Beshoy Mehany is that type of great man who always tries to make happiness in all hearts and faces. So, how does he do these amazing things? Sure, this is the question that is in your mind right now. This is not a big question for many people who entertain his prank videos.

Beshoy Mehany is a social media influencer and actor who work as a prankster. Can you imagine a person earning a living by pulling pranks on people and making people happy? Yes, Beshoy Mehany does it.

Not only that, he is a proud owner and CEO of B&A Global. So, it is not wrong when I recognize Beshoy Mehany as an entrepreneur, right?

He found an e-commerce business that is close to customers through its commitment to less advertising with respectful and more pressure-free customer service.

When peeping into the winning story of Beshoy Mehany, he was not a child born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He was born in Egypt and grew up in Jersey City, NJ. But unfortunately, he closed his powerful strong in his life when he was nine years old. Because his father passed away. This affected not only this little boy but also the whole family. That is why little Beshoy Mehany tried to support his family in any way that he could.

However, the suffering he endured could not quench the passion for acting in his little heart. Meanwhile, the desire for the camera, acting, and live performance gradually build up in his mind day by day.

But Beshoy Mehany did not give up his academic life. As a result, he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Meanwhile, Beshoy Mehany worked for his dream. His family also encouraged him to chase his dreams. Also, his parents enrolled him in acting class when he was a young age. Over time, young Beshoy Mehany realized that if he wanted to come true to his dreams, it was not enough only to attend acting classes and do his best. However, this helped him discover his hidden talent and skills with him.

Beshoy Mehany believed if you have to touch the peak in your life, you have to find creative ways to put your talent out to attract more and more. That is the story of how he started to make prank videos and post them on Instagram and other social media platforms. It opened many doors for his future. Consequently, this young actor will now be a star in a 40-million-dollar movie, namely Gain.

Anyhow, Beshoy Mehany fights with his life and finally wins his life. That is a great story to motivate you to chase your dreams. Believe yourself, anyone, and anything cannot stop you if you work hard and focus on your goals. So, this is time to win a lifelike Beshoy Mehany. Take him as a role model and start from this moment!

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