Peter Tzemis is a critically and commercially renowned author, entrepreneur, and storyteller. His most recent book release, “77 Laws of Six Pack Abs,” is an Amazon best-seller and is someone who wants to share his journey of success with the world.

Growing up, the multi-faceted entrepreneur would spend hours in bookstores thinking about his books being lined up on shelves and his name being on best-selling author lists. Years later, that vision would come true with the phenomenal financial success of his debut book, “Anabolic Stretching,” which sold over 11,000 copies in its first few months and marked the start of Peter Tzemis’ immensely successful literary career.

However, he acknowledged in a recent interview that the process to publishing is not always easy.

“Book publishing is hard and long process, but the most important thing is: can you convince the publisher that you can actually sell books,” Tzemis says. “If you can’t do that, it doesn’t matter how good your writing is.”

Currently, the dedicated author has a lengthy record of accomplishments and a portfolio that has been enhanced by the commercial success of “77 Laws of Six Pack Abs”. The must-have content appeals to readers everywhere and is based on his personal experiences with weight reduction and lifestyle modifications, and it serves as a blueprint for sculpting a shredded six-pack.

“I make it a point to write from lived experience,” he said. “Which means anything I write about, I have to have either gone through or experimented with. I also research academic journals, especially if there’s heavy science involved in the book I’m writing.”

Peter Tzemis has displayed awe-inspiring proficiency with the pen and harnessing the power of the written word throughout his career. His writing’s appeal may be linked to a variety of things, including its relatability and the way it hits close to heart, both of which are enabled by his writing’s realism.

With his next releases, the quality and depth that characterized his past works will continue to show through. Peter Tzemis is also scheduled to issue a book on mental health, in addition to another men’s health book that will include 10 years of study and serve as his magnum opus.

“I’ve got a few new books lined up,” he said. “One more men’s health book that will encompass my last 10 years of research in the space and be my Magnum opus in the space. I’m also working on a mental/emotional health book with a celebrity therapist and one more super secret R-rated project.”

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