The long wait is now finished! Today marks the official release of the eagerly awaited song “Soni Soni” from the upcoming movie Ishq Vishk Rebound. The captivating on-screen chemistry between rookie Pashmina Roshan and Rohit Saraf has fans and viewers alike buzzing with excitement.

Yesterday saw the release of “Soni Soni”‘s teaser, which offered viewers a tantalizing preview of what was to follow. Viewers were enthralled with the bright and new chemistry between the two young stars, and the response was extremely positive. The complete song will be released today, and it looks and sounds amazing, highlighting not just the catchy melody but also the undeniable chemistry between Pashmina and Rohit.

A lot of people already find Rohit Saraf to be a heartthrob. Pashmina Roshan makes a remarkable debut and wonderfully balances his captivating presence on television. “Soni Soni” is a highlight song thanks to Pashmina’s charming appearance and rejuvenating touch on screen. Watch her closely as her effortless style and grace are apparent in every picture.

“Soni Soni” is a song that stands out not merely for its melody but also for the perceptible energy and connection between the leads because of the obvious chemistry between Pashmina and Rohit. Audiences will be captivated by their young zeal and fresh, captivating performances.

An emotionally charged and enjoyable trip awaits viewers of “Ishq Vishk Rebound,” a contemporary take on adolescent love. The film has already achieved success with “Soni Soni,” laying the groundwork for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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