The world’s most collaborative traveler of 2021, Samantha Saglibene’s latest venture is a book – “It’s 5am My Time Again, I’m Calling, and You Know It’s Me.” The young social media connoisseur launched her new book recently, and we’re eager to know what it’s all about.

Enchantingly well-written poetry guides us through Samantha Saglibene’s life’s labyrinth. The book, filled with impeccable words of wisdom, covers her life and the many hardships she has had to overcome to get to the juncture at which we see her today. Through the book, Samantha aims to inspire millions with the powerful real-life stories behind making this strong, thoughtful, and brave young woman.

As excited as Samantha Saglibene is for this chance to let people in and allow them this unique chance to peek into her life’s most vulnerable moments, she feels a little on edge, too. However, glowing reviews from critics and beta readers boost her confidence in the beauty of her work. So much so that she has embarked on writing her second book! While we can’t say much about what that will be like, we know one thing – Samantha Saglibene’s “It’s 5am My Time Again, I’m Calling, and You Know It’s Me” is a sure-fire bestseller!

On the social media front, Samantha Saglibene is working with several bigshots. Her roster of clients has reputed names, including celebrity hair colorist Bianca Hillier. And yet, she wakes up every single day with the same vigor as back when she started. So much has changed since that time. When she started, she had people she would look up to; today, her idols are her competitors. Led by a fiery passion for being better than yesterday, her dedication to creating something groundbreaking is genuinely motivational. And after multiple, repeated requests from countless followers and long-time fans, she has produced a book to inspire others like her.

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