The most common obstacles entrepreneurs face today have nothing to do with the idea they set forth with, and everything to do with the mindset they carry. Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park, and Jay Awal knows this better than most. Here, he shares the top 5 qualities that every entrepreneur should possess.

1. Find your passion, make it a niche

At only 26 years old, Awal has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make a career by helping them online through his digital programs. He shares that the most important thing that an entrepreneur can have is passion. “An entrepreneur who succeeds is one who knows his vision and stays true to his mission”, shares Awal.

2. Focus on your soft skills

One of the major drawbacks keeping entrepreneurs from succeeding is a lack of people skills. Qualities like time management, flexibility and teamwork are as vital as expertise in machine operation, if not more. There are innumerable examples of success stories that started with college dropouts and retired employees. All of them not only had a crystal-clear strategy but also the conviction needed to execute it.

3. Master the lingo

Awal elucidates, ”Too many entrepreneurs start off in the business world with no financial literacy, so to speak.” Awal also stresses on the importance of learning the real-world applications of any bookish theoretical learning when it comes to budgeting.Corporations, just like individuals, must have a scheme of their earning to spending ratio for all short-term and long-term goals to succeed.

4. Planning is your best friend

Not only do entrepreneurs need plan A,B and C, they also need to create a definitive timeline for their business. Weekly, monthly and yearly planning is the next step after the classic 5-year and 10-year master plans. According to Awal, “Plan it in your head, then write it down.Now you have the power to make it come true.”

5. The future is online

Jay Awal is living proof that a well-researched professional can make it big time on the internet if they understand how to harness it to its full potential. He has made a career out of helping small business owners learn exactly this skillset. “People’s needs and wants change with time, but what doesn’t change is where they go to find it- the Internet”, concludes Awal.

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