Brandon Carter FX – originally from Los Angeles California moved to Florida right after he passed his 9th grade in high school. His dream had always been to become the most successful and followed rapper worldwide soon after he left his middle school. Initially, he was interested in R&B but later turned to become a permanent hip-hop artist.

He was a struggling artist who was looking to obtain and practice his real estate license in Florida. After some time, Brandon Carter FX discovered trading the financial markets and fell in love with it with the same amount of passion that he had for rap music.

The singer got so much experience that soon he turned his Day-Trader built as a brand in the trading world and made some very notable and accurate predictions in the market as it pertains to price rising or falling in the stock or foreign exchange market. He has built a brand of teaching hundreds of thousands of students over the years and shared the endless testimonials of the success of his students in his Instagram highlights. These reflect on how he taught his students to do what he does for a living in the market through his Online trading Course on his website. is fast approaching and becoming the most profitable signal service ever since. He received frequent requests to start his signals that began shortly after starting IG and only increased in time as the fans of his work increased. This prompted him to start his own signal service business to help the masses. We promise that there will be no indicators, no moving averages, no candlestick formations, no harmonics, or any other trash that is taught in other courses.

Although Brandon Cartex FX is a bit busy in his passion for trading; however, he still hasn’t forgotten his love for music. His latest project was a song that contained his love of trading with music in a song called “Buy Low, Sells High”.. Further in an interview he  hinted that there is a lot more to come  as far as music is concerned .

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