JT amar is a young 22 year old who has been writing and making music since he was 12 years old. JT amar is on the rise right now of becoming the most influential independent artist who brands himself by his own independent  record label called great material records entertainment where talents exposed. JT amar is self made. Every Friday he has artist showcases at 485 flat shoals Avenue se Atlanta Georgia UEV starting at 10 pm.          

JT amar has a upcoming a album dropping April 15th called 3 am On all platforms which consist of numerous different artist in Atlanta  And will be heavily marketed this album has real life struggles inside these songs and give his fans a opportunity to dig deep into JT AMARS life struggle and able to see how he overcame the struggle. The album cover is his deceased father who passed away in 2011 and in honor he uses that to represent and to show his appreciations. Make sure you follow his Instagram at jt_amar100. He has music videos coming and 3 singles dropping before his album as well as radio interviews meet and greets and open music videos.

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