Krishnamma Makes Her Prime Video Debut: Regardless of the roles he performed in different movies, Satyadev Kancharana became a successful actor. Among the Tollywood new generation of actors, he has experimented a lot and played a wide range of characters. Krishnama, his most recent movie, is a large-scale action drama revolving around a revenge tale. VV Gopala Krishna is the writer and director of the film Krishnamma, which debuted in Telugu on May 10 to a respectable amount of attention internationally.

Koratala Siva, the director of “Devara,” starring Janhvi Kapoor and Jr. NTR, introduced the picture. The movie Krishnamma received positive reviews for its storyline and performances, but its box office performance was underwhelming, which caused the producers to decide to release it on streaming services ahead of schedule.

Krishnamma Synopsis

Growing up next to each other on the banks of the Krishna River, three orphans develop an unshakable relationship. To each other, they become family. Suddenly, a horrifying incident alters their lives.

After Just One Week of Release, Krishnamma Makes Its Prime Video Debut

The revenge-themed mass action drama film presented Satyadev in a whole different light and gave him a whole new look. The internet streaming rights to the movie Krishnamma were acquired to Telugu movie leader Amazon Prime Video. However, the film quickly and unexpectedly made its OTT premiere on the site. One of the rare films to launch on Netflix Original Content less than a week after its theatrical release is Krishnamma. To the amazement of many, Krishnamma began streaming on Prime Video at midnight on May 17 without any prior notice.

The Krishnamma Cast

In major parts in the mass action drama are Satyadev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, and Laxman Meesala, among others.

The Krishnamma Crew

Koratala Siva, who enjoyed the film and wished to be involved, presented Krishnamma, a film written and directed by VV Gopala Krishna. The film was financed by Krishna Kommalapati under the auspices of Arunachala Creations. Co-writing the screenplay and story was Ramesh Eligeti. Tammiraju was the editor, and Sunny Kurapati operated the camera. Kaala Bhairava wrote all of the music and sound effects for the movie. All of the songs’ lyrics were written by Ananth Sriram, and Raam Kumar oversaw production.

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