The latest films’ OTT releases have surprised moviegoers greatly. Recently, there has been an excessively short interval between the theatrical and over-the-top (OTT) releases of films, with the films arriving on the platform way too early. All movies, regardless of size, will be available on over-the-top (OTT) platforms in less than a month.

In a span of just two weeks, Kalyan Ram’s Devil was released on OTT. In just three weeks, Saindhav, Venkatesh’s, arrived on OTT. In just 4 weeks, a major player like Salaar made his way onto OTT. The same is true for this Friday’s release of Guntur Kaaram. The digital premieres of all these recently released films will occur either precisely four weeks in advance or even earlier.

Large-budget or pan-Indian movies are currently available for streaming in four weeks, with the of Hindi versions, which have an eight-week theatrical release window granted by the producers. This trend poses a serious threat to soon-to-be released films, as both the films and the theaters are being negatively impacted by decreased viewer interest and fewer return visits. Only when a movie receives excellent word-of-mouth do people flock to the theaters; if a movie receives mediocre or mediocre talk, people are not as interested as they once were.

Even with positive buzz, some films have failed to draw audiences to theaters because of the early OTT streaming. Bollywood is the only industry that consistently adheres to this stringent 8-week schedule. All industries in South India operate within a 4-week or even shorter timeframe.

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