One of the most gifted women who achieved fame later in life is Adah Sharma. Her two films, Bastar: The Naxal Story and The Kerala Story, garnered significant attention. She finally worked on a Telugu movie called C.D.

Adah Sharma is Preparing for the Debut of C.D.

The film’s producers have declared the release date and wrapped up filming. On May 24, 2024, C.D. will be released on large screen television. The unique element is that very few people were initially aware that a movie of this kind was being produced.

To be more specific, it has been revealed that the movie was completed but was never given an appropriate release date. Since they believed there wouldn’t be many movies released on May 24, 2024, the producers set a date for release and began marketing.

D.C. is an intense thriller produced by Giridhar and directed by Krishna Annam. Viswant, who portrays the main character, is working with Adah Sharma for the first time. In all of her previous films, the gifted actress portrayed difficult parts; in this psychological thriller, she will play yet another tough role.

The C.D. Cast and Crew of Adah Sharma

The long-ago posters generated a lot of excitement for the movie, but the postponement of its debut ultimately caused some problems for it. But now that C.D. has completed its censorship with a U/A certificate, everything are back on track.

Other important players in C.D. include Mahesh Vitta, Bharani Shankar, Ramana Bhargav, and Jabardast Rohini. The dialogues are written by A. Muddu Krishna, and the editor is Satya Giduthuri. The action scenes in this movie, which are going to be really amazing, are composed by Rama Krishna.

Adah Sharma made her Telugu debut under Puri Jagan’s direction, but she hasn’t had a true hit in a while. Now that she’s back in the mix, we need to see how she does in C.D.

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