The music industry has undergone a major transformation due to the changing trends and the incoming of talented independent artists. Many creative musicians lay their focus on releasing powerful music for their target audience.

For quite some time in the pandemic, a lot of artists have been focusing on their compositions to entertain people in the pandemic. Lil kai is one of the artists who used this pandemic worthwhile by working on his debut album. The 28 year old artist Lil Kei also has a life outside of music, which explains why it takes him too long to make anything. He used to seem to be establishing himself within the music world. Lil Kei’s real name is Kionne Quantrell Ellis. He’s a 28-year-old musician from Syracuse, New York. 

During the Lockdown, the musician used his spare time to offer wings to his thoughts, resulting in amazing music for his fans by launching his debut album. Kei was discovered through the unique style which he created, which has emerged fans to engage with him so early.

This young  man with music talent known as Wopster has published his single, ‘No Opps, No Targets,’ which has been included in his debut, ‘Finally On.’ Lil Kei’s potential to articulate himself through melodic music freely has made him a prolific artist in a short period.

Lil Kei knows there is no bounding when he is making incredible music with various elements when he pushes beyond his constraints to create amazing music for his fans. Lil Kei is currently working under the On My Own Music Group (OMO), which is an independent record label based in Syracuse by Dj Jabriel. So, he is a rising artist working with a record label that is independent and founded in Syracuse and owned by DJ Jabriel. Lil Kei is a successful musician in a limited time he can express himself confidently with his melodic music. Dj Jabriel and the On My staff agreed to push back the album for production and promotion reasons. Lil Kei has a net worth of US$10 thousand which he earns from his music career

Because of changing tastes and the influx of young independent musicians, the music world has experienced a significant transition. Lil Kei, a growing music personality, is an innovative musician who focuses on producing intense music for his intended audience. Jabriel speaks via Instagram “we’re pushing for March, that’s all the time we need. This is the first project that he will release and fans waited years for this. The album is done but we will just go to take all the attention in 2021.”

Lil Kei updates his new music topics on his Instagram page, and his Spotify profile makes it easy to listen to his recent updates.

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