His determination, passion, and talent have earned him a place in the hearts and minds of music fans everywhere.

Being a hip-hop artist comes with a lot of struggles. It requires countless hours of writing and practicing to hone your craft. You need to be able to keep up with the ever-changing trends and culture of the music industry. For many artists, this can be an uphill battle, as they strive to make their mark in the industry. It takes a certain level of perseverance and resilience to remain active as a hip-hop artist, as the industry is unforgiving and competitive. To succeed, one must be willing and able to overcome the struggles of a hip-hop artist. It’s not easy, but it is possible. All it takes is dedication, hard work and a bit of luck, like Harpreet Singh, more popularly known as Happy Singh, who has made it to the top as a rapper, singer, music producer and songwriter.

He has been through the grind and reached this position, which is difficult for many to achieve. “The majority of music artists often have to face financial difficulties, due to the lack of stable income from their craft. Without the help of a label, it can be difficult to make ends meet. They are also often met with criticism, judgement and scrutiny from fans, press, and other industry professionals. The struggle of a hip-hop artist is real and often overlooked. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to become a successful hip-hop artist. Many artists don’t get the recognition they deserve. They may be talented, but they lack the necessary resources to promote their music and build their brand. Additionally, the music industry is competitive and packed with talented individuals, making it difficult for artists to be heard,” says Happy, who has faced the gravest of challenges to attain the success he enjoys today.

He has established a strong foothold in the music industry, primarily after ISAW Records signed him up. Singh produces and writes for other artists as well, apart from songwriting his own records. He has opened up for artists like Tyga, Jeremiah and Yo Gotti, as well as many other prominent names. He has also written for actor Mathew Noszka, an upcoming artist under CEO of Murder Ink Records, Irv Gotti. Looking at the fast pace with which he is moving ahead, he’s sure to conquer more in coming times through his outstanding work, which surpasses other artists by a huge margin.

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