If Mercedes’ insistence on using the EQ brand for electric cars seems arbitrary, don’t worry; the name scheme may not last very long. According to sources who spoke with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Mercedes will drop the EQ brand as soon as late 2024, when it is anticipated that it will introduce its next generation of compact cars. Simply put, the label will be of little use to the company as its electric vehicles increase in number.

With the 2019 EQC SUV, Mercedes introduced the EQ brand to production vehicles. The brand has been used on both electrified versions of conventional designs like the EQB and unique models like the EQS SUV since then. In a similar fashion, concept cars like the long-range EQXX have stuck to the names.

A Mercedes spokesperson told Reuters that it was “too early” to discuss plans. The representative, on the other hand, stated that by 2030, the automaker would “adapt” the use of the EQ brand as it made the transition to an all-EV lineup. The spokesperson added that the identification still plays a crucial role in the company’s current strategy for electric vehicles.

The rethink won’t come as a surprise if the report is accurate. As EVs become more common, car manufacturers are beginning to use more conventional names to describe their electric powertrains, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Chevy Bolt. One example is the upcoming electric Blazer from Chevy. Companies won’t be able to use the presence of an electric motor as a selling point because electric vehicles will eventually become the default.

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