The world of web series has entered a new era thanks to Hotstar. Miss Perfect, starring the stunning Lavanya Tripathi, has become a topic of conversation among the film community thanks to its adaptable plot, which revolves around the lives of people living in a society.

There are many characters in the series that the general public can really relate to. Miss Perfect centers on the lives of the main characters, Miss Lavanya (played by Lavanya Tripathi), Mr. Rohit, their immediate neighbors, the society, and a maid. It also features lighthearted humor and thought-provoking subjects. Vishwak Khande Rao, a young director, is directing it.

In this comic series, Lavanya Tripathi, who is well-known to the Telugu audience from some of the highest-rated movies like Andala Raakshasi, Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy, and more, plays the prominent role.

Her persona, Lavanya, is a neat freak who is willing to break any kind of rule if something isn’t perfect but denies having OCD. The main plot point is how her pursuit of perfection puts her in a number of absurd situations from which she struggles to escape.

Additional actors in the series are Jhaansi, Mahesh Vitta, Abhijeet, Abhigna, Harsh Roshan, Sunayana, Roopa Lakshmi, Keshav Deepak, Manik Reddy, and others. This new era of comedy web series, which could be the next big thing, is brilliantly done by Disney+Hotstar.

View the brand-new web series “Miss Perfect” on your preferred Disney+Hotstar, which is currently available for streaming.

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