Rest is certainly essential to being refreshed. Rest is definitely essential to good health. Most

importantly rest is essential to life. When you’re an up-and-coming rapper named Mooga

Malone, you’ll get your rest later. Mooga Malone is from Louisville KY. A ‘do it all’

rapper/singer with his eyes on the grand prize. What is the prize, you ask? Of course, the prize

is superstardom!

The latest music video from Mooga Malone is called “Rest”. A pretty direct video in which we

see Mooga Malone hustling all day and counting money all night. That’s certainly a dangerous

life. Yet this life is one Mooga knows all too well. “They keep telling me to rest but **** it I

need a check.” Is one of the chorus lines from Mooga. And we certainly understand it.

Mooga is a self-described family man. With full time divided between working and his musical

ambitions. “I’m a parent. I got to take care of home and take care of business. So, you can’t cry

about being tired.” It’s clear this selfless mentality is what bleeds over into his musical

philosophies. That’s an admirable trait. On that will surely lend itself to making sure his music is

always high quality. Eventually that trait may even land him major success in a crowded music

industry. Mooga Malone is clearly one of the hardest working rappers. Here’s to him also being

one of the smartest working as well. Maybe then he’ll be able to take a much-deserved rest.

Then get right back to work!

Find More from Mooga Malone on Spotify! And his latest video “Rest” is out now on Youtube.

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