01 From Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… to Taare Zameen Standard, these films caught the most notorious minutes on Diwali

The celebration of lights, Diwali is practically here. As the air is overflowing with the smell of conventional ‘mithai’ and firecrackers (sadly), Bollywood as well, is preparing for celebrations, with their brand name gigantic Diwali parties, that have proactively started. On-screen, the celebration has been depicted in the entirety of its enthusiasm, loaded with monstrous enhancements, planner outfits, standard routine and that’s just the beginning. Aside from that, some notable Bollywood scenes as well, have become inseparable from the celebration and today, we go returning to some…

02 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…

Be that as it may, clearly, this Karan Johar family adventure must be on first spot on our list. It gets going by Rahul and Rohan’s (SRK and Hrithik) fatherly grandma explaining to Rohan why Rahul went out and it was his last Diwali with them. Before long, the scene enters flashback and the Raichand House is illuminated in the entirety of its greatness, as mum Nandini (Jaya Bachchan) gives aarti to everybody. Out of nowhere Rahul, in full KJO sensational style, makes a section in his personal luxury plane in a smart all-dark look, even as his mum as of now has an instinct of his appearance.

03 Mohabbatein

Under the umbrella of the severe slave driver Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan), Gurukul has stayed something like a celebrated jail for its understudies. Enter the enchanting music teacher Raj Aryan (SRK) and the breezes of the organization start to stream in reverse, as the understudies begin investigating the world outside and fall head over heels, no doubt arousing a lot of vexation for Narayan Shankar. Things reach a critical stage on Diwali, when the youthful darlings shed their hindrances and purport their adoration before the world, even as SRK plays the ‘duniya mein kitni hai nafratein’ tune on his dhol.

04 Vaastav: The Truth

A fry cry from the typical Diwali pomp, this one was hard-hitting and lamentable. Raghu, prior a basic, nearby Marathi kid in Mumbai, turns into a feared criminal, even as his working class family battles to find some peace with this progress and the sky is the limit from there or less repudiates him. By the by, Raghu, who remains underground for the vast majority of the year, visits his family each Diwali and on one such event, flaunts to his mom that he is wearing a ‘pachaas tola sone ki chain’. At last, toward the finish of the film, totally drained by the entirety of his misery, he requests that his mom shoot him and give him ‘mukti’, finishing a hopeless life.

05 Taare Zameen Standard

This one is extraordinary since kids are typically the most energized for celebrations like Diwali – with lights, luscious food and loads of masti. Nonetheless, life is difficult for 8-year-old Ishaan Awasthi, who experiences Dyslexia, yet stays undiscovered, turning into the object of criticism at school. At home, while his kin and mom are strong, his dad thinks he is simply avoiding review and chooses to pack him off to life experience school. Realizing that he will be gone soon, Ishaan spends Diwali at home crying in a corner, unfit to cause his family to comprehend that he isn’t setting up a demonstration. At school, he meets Expressions educator Smash Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), and life at last begins to check out once more.

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