Kadda Sheekoff is just 28 years of age however is now a fruitful business visionary ! Brought into the world in Haiti, First and foremost a producer, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, writer and director, Kadda Sheekoff have done some remarkable work in the Haitian community, after writing a short Autobiography called “All My Life”, and “The God in Me” he produced a couple of songs and go back to writing, now His third book, My Stanza, is set to release on May 18.

With all the knowledge he gained through his own journey, he has been helping hundreds and thousands of people to develop a wide variety of skills, such as social media, press releases, Articles among many others. He has taught people how to overcome their fear of public speaking, shared his tips to avoid mistakes, and encouraged people to start writing their own Books. More recently, he started sharing his knowledge on how to get on Google panel with less than a month. He has already helped and impacted hundreds of people around the world.

Kadda Sheekoff is launching his book soon, in which he aims to keep helping people develop new skills and improve themselves so they can achieve their goals. Thanks to his book, he will be able to reach even further around the globe to share his knowledge and success story.

Anyone can refer to books, but let’s face it getting a book to educate yourself is far more easier than finding a real life business mentor. However, not everyone has the right mindset to follow their dreams. Whether you want to create your own business or improve as a professional in a specific industry, one needs to work hard and not let any obstacle stop their progress.

The Book “My Stanza,” will be available on Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Bol and many more.

“It’s never too late to start putting yourself out there, I’m from Haiti and it’s really hard for young teens like me to get whatever stuff they want, I never know that I will publish a book in my entire life but I did it”.

About the Author:

Kadda Sheekoff is a CEO and founder of Telegenique Records.

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