Due to US-China tech sanctions, Nvidia used to struggle to keep its relationship with China alive. However, these days, the company is making major progress in the nation’s quickly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market. Four well-known Chinese EV brands, Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and Xiaomi’s new EV unit, will be integrating Nvidia’s DRIVE technology for automated driving systems, the company announced recently at the CES technology conference in Las Vegas.

Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and Xiaomi’s Most Recent EV Unit are the brands.

China’s EV market is growing quickly, with local automakers competing to improve automated driving and in-car entertainment systems. Companies competing to supply the required advanced semiconductors, like Nvidia, Intel, and Qualcomm, now have more opportunities as a result of this race. These US-based companies, however, must simultaneously meet China’s increasing demand for powerful chips and abide by the strict US export regulations pertaining to sophisticated semiconductors.

It takes more than just chips for Nvidia to be involved in the Chinese EV market. To revolutionize online car shopping, the company is also working with six other industry titans, including carmaker Lotus and advertising firm WPP. Their goal is to create shopping platforms with graphics that are realistic and three-dimensional. The potential of these platforms to improve the car-buying experience was highlighted by Danny Shapiro, vice president of Nvidia’s automotive division.

The way non-tech Chinese companies are using Nvidia’s chips more and more is a trend that this development is similar to. This has helped the companies’ stock performance and advanced AI development. Despite regulatory obstacles, Nvidia’s growth in China demonstrates its resolve to hold a prominent position in the global semiconductor market as well as its flexibility in a changing environment.

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