The balmy evening air swallows the small theater group coming out of the building. They all look tired. But they are carrying on their lively conversation. They are conversing in English, which is not their native tongue. The play they’re rehearsing is the first English language production. The writer is Mohamed Alsaadi, one of the members of the group. He is also playing the lead. 

Mohamed is a busy man. ‘I am very busy’, he says. Apart from this play, Mohamed is working on a period film of the Egyptian Princess Nefertiti. He says, ‘this is my biggest project so far.’ With a few awards and a heavy-weight experience under his belt, Mohamed has now set his sight on Hollywood.

Speaking of his plans, he says, ‘Being an Omani, I am a part of this fast-growing entertainment industry. We are growing faster. It is time now to take our stories to the world’. Mohamed is giving his best every day to achieve this goal. From dawn to dusk, his day is filled to the brim – exercise, voice training, writing, teaching young actors, interviews, recording, rehearsing, there seems to be no end to his list of things to do. Mohamed keeps a strict routine to maintain a high energy level to get through his busy day. According to him, the most important part of his day is English lessons. ‘We have a very good talent here in our country’, he says, ‘but we need to master the English language if we have to take our stories to Hollywood.’

Mohamed takes great pride in his culture. He believes that his culture has many riches to offer the world. For this reason, he is spending a substantial amount of his time and resources to acquire the English language. ‘I work very hard to master English’ he says. He has a particular love for the poetry of William Blake. He considers ‘To see the world’ as his most favorite poem. Through his dedication, he is inspiring other budding young actors to learn English.

Mohamed is capitalizing on his entrepreneurial instincts to make his entry into Hollywood. ‘I am teaming up with a few in Hollywood for my Magnum-Opus’, he says. 

Mohamed is in love with life. He is full of energy to take on big challenges. His dedication and commitment to his craft illuminate his path to Hollywood. As he continues his journey, we wish him good luck.

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