SAMSUNG Galaxy fans could be blessed to receive a gigantic update before the year’s end with bits of hearsay proposing that another processor will carry an incredible performance to these well known cell phones.

There are as of now a lot of reports that propose Samsung will discard its own Exynos brains for Qualcomm power for its full range of premium cell phones and that could be an exceptionally shrewd choice. Qualcomm will uncover its next generation of processors in November at its yearly Snapdragon Summit and it seems what’s coming next could take things to a whole new level.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which will supplant the current 8 Gen 1, is reputed to in addition to the fact that more be strong get a major lift to its GPU with one report from Chinese social media site Weibo in any event, foreseeing that it could beat the ability of Apple’s most recent A16 Bionic with regards to silky smooth graphics.

The iPhone has for some time been the market leader for anybody needing the most remarkable cell phone yet that probably won’t be the situation any more.

Obviously, these are basically reports at the present time yet with the Snapdragon Culmination occurring from November 15, there’s not long left until we figure out what this new chip will be prepared to do. It’s likewise significant that an entire scope of Android gadgets will likewise get this lift as Qualcomm supplies its chips to a wrap of makers including OnePlus, Xiaomi and Sony.

One thing we are quite certain about is that Samsung looks set to end its choice to pop various processors inside its lead gadgets.

Up to this point, those in Europe generally get the company’s Exynos cerebrums with Qualcomm’s power being utilized in different areas of the planet.

Albeit not yet affirmed, it’s believed that all renditions of the forthcoming Galaxy S23 will get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Top tech examiner, Ming-Chi Kuo is likewise conjecturing that Samsung’s own chips will not show up in the impending System S23 and switch over to Qualcomm’s power for the whole reach.

It’s hazy why Samsung is thinking about this change despite the fact that Kuo says that the Korean firm may at long last be conceding that it can’t stay up with Qualcomm. In a recent tweet, Kuo said: “S23 may not adopt Exynos 2300 made by Samsung 4nm because it can’t compete with SM8550 in all aspects.”

To fan the fire, Qualcomm chief, Cristiano Amon has likewise recently implied that his company’s chips would show up in more Galaxy phones from here on out.

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