What started as a hobby has turned out to be a six-figure business run by a young CEO. Ever since Rom Raviv took a career in podcasting, the industry has been impacted positively because of the dynamic approach he took. 

Rom is the owner of Podblade, an agency that focuses on the business-to-business aspect of podcasting. At the age of 18, Rom started his entrepreneurial journey by interviewing top business and brand owners. His podcast, Spreading Success, performed remarkably well upon launch. It reached the top 50 marketing charts in just its first six months, and several world-class business people had graced the event.

Rom Raviv proved to be instrumental to the development of the podcasting industry when he decided to establish an affordable podcast editing solution that looked to solve the frustrations that podcasters and other businesses face when running their shows. Presently, he has helped over 300 podcasters, and he still offers podcast editing services to clients through white labeling.

What Makes Rom Raviv Unique?

Rom Raviv is a dynamic and talented podcaster, and he has taken a unique route to achieve success with his business. For instance, he has achieved incredible feats with his show, Spreading Success, even at a growing stage, and has interviewed the likes of Grant Cardone, Lauren Tickner, David Meltzer, to mention but a few.

Also, Rom expands his business reach to try out other types of podcasting ideas. He is set to launch a new set of podcast series called Golden Goals.

I am in the process of launching a new unique soccer and business-based podcast. I will combine two things that I am passionate about, that is, soccer and business. The show will allow me to interview soccer players and we will talk about their financial habits and goals,” Rom says.

Rom Raviv has earned a lot of respect and trust in the industry. Recently, he spoke at the Podfest Expo Event, which was the Guinness World record holder for the largest virtual podcasting event. He talked about his podcasting journey and how he came to achieve the success he currently has.

When it comes to doing business, Rom sets the standard to be followed. In the podcast industry, a lot of shows just charge clients without achieving the required results. On the other hand, Rom solves the problems that other podcasters face, and he does not leverage this for personal benefits.

The biggest thing that made a name for me in the industry is providing podcasters with services that they needed. Unlike other editing companies that charge hundreds of dollars per episode and miss out on the most crucial aspects of running a podcast, I pay attention to the little details that my clients need. This has helped me to build a long-lasting relationship with my clients,” He says. Therefore, it serves to say that Rom Raviv is a trailblazer in the podcast industry.

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