Not many people can boast they have access to three billion clicks. Meet Sheeraz Hasan. Now based primarily out of LA and Dubai, he is an entrepreneur, social media expert and internationally acclaimed real-time amplification and media strategist who has overseen campaigns for some of the most recognized brands, celebrities and government agencies in the world.

He has a direct network to social media influencers that reach over three billion people across all social media networks. Born and raised in London, Sheeraz began working at his family’s restaurant “Tinseltown Café”, at the age of 16 after his father passed away. Sheeraz successfully ran the business and in 2004, he decided to pursue his dreams in America.

A few weeks after Sheeraz arrived in the United States, he launched his own entertainment news TV show, “Tinseltown TV”. Sheeraz produced and hosted over two hundred episodes of his multiple award-winning program, which was broadcasted to 500 million people in 130 countries. At the 2005 Bollywood Awards, also known as “The Indian Oscars”, Sheeraz was appointed “Hollywood Ambassador to Bollywood” for his outstanding work in bridging the two largest film industries in the world, Hollywood and Bollywood. In 2005, Sheeraz launched celebrity and entertainment news website, HOLLYWOOD.TV.

Within a year, HOLLYWOOD.TV became a top rated celebrity news outlet and its content has been seen by over two billion viewers worldwide . Sheeraz opened the doors of his first celebrity-themed milkshake bar, Millions of Milkshakes, located in West Hollywood in 2008. Through his connections, Sheeraz was able to bring major stars into Millions of Milkshakes to create their own custom shakes . In 2010, Sheeraz founded his own social media, marketing and amplification firm, Sheeraz Inc.

He has overseen campaigns for some of the most famous celebrities in the world including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez. Justin Bieber , as well as internationally recognized brands including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, AB InBev . With the expertise Sheeraz developed after working with some of the world’s most famous faces, he was inspired to create an online interactive course in which he will instruct people on how to attain fame. The first training course of its kind, FAME by Sheeraz, is set to launch in May 2020.

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